COUNCILLORS: I thought it was morally wrong

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Regarding the front page report ‘Waste Of Cash’, the report informed the readers that more than £5,000 that was destined for good causes within the wards of South Holland district was diverted to pay costs of the district council’s own magazine.

I do recall the Christmas issue that highlighted certain councillors and what their ward allowance had been spent on, but there was not an indepth breakdown of the whole amount that is allocated to each councillor which is spent on just causes that would benefit the ward and its local community.

I take note that out of the 37 South Holland district councillors, eight chose to opt out of the offer to advertise themselves in the publication.

This allowance has been increased over the years, from £3,000 to the currently reported £5,000. I understand there are guidelines in place for this money to provide improvement projects that are requested by us, the public, through our local councillor for implimentation.

I find it morally wrong for our representatives of our community to be spending even part of this allowance on self promotion from taxpayers’ money.

Credit to Chris Brewis and the group of representatives who declined the offer of the promotion and for making the media aware of the situation, but I feel an investigation should be held to determine if the constitution has been broken.

Rodney Sadd