Councillor stoops to conker ...

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UKIP county councillor Alan Jesson is spearheading a campaign for conkers to return to school playgrounds.

Coun Jesson believes schools have banned the tradition on health and safety grounds, but says county council health and safety experts support conkers and have told him it can be played in playgrounds.

The Spalding South ward councillor says health and safety officers are trying to get across the message that it’s okay for kids to play conkers and climb trees in schools, but it would be up to teachers to assess the risks.

He’s now going to speak to schools in his ward.

Coun Jesson said: “We all know what the risks are playing conkers, sometimes it flies out of your hand.

“I understand that no schools play conkers for health and safety reasons and this is the kind of thing I am going to go into schools and find out.

“It’s encouraging kids to be kids and stop wrapping them in cotton wool.

“I think it’s great idea to get this great British tradition into the playground and give children the chance to play conkers.”

He hopes there can be a Lincolnshire schools’ conkers championships with the winners playing at the world championships in Oundle.