Councillor disqualified for six-month absence

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A SUTTON Bridge parish councillor has been disqualified for failing to attend meetings.

Tom Rowe, who was elected onto the council in May 2011, was automatically removed after he failed to show up to council meetings for six months.

Mr Rowe declined to comment on his disqualification, simply saying: “I will treat it with the contempt it deserves.”

A vacancy has now been advertised to fill his seat and residents have until Thursday, September 20, to request an election.

An election will only be held if requested by more than ten electors – if not the vacancy can be filled by co-option.

Mr Rowe came in for thinly-veiled criticism for his poor attendance of meetings from former parish council chairman Christopher Brandon-King when he resigned in April.

In his parting comments to the council he said: “One councillor doesn’t turn up, thus disenfranchising the people for voted for him.”

But current chairman John Grimwood said he hoped it would signal the start of a new era for the council.