Council ‘no’ to recycling bins

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The parish council is refusing to reinstate recycling bins in the grounds of The Curlew Centre at Sutton Bridge because broken glass left on the ground poses an injury risk.

Coun Vicky Hills said people are now leaving carrier bags of jars and bottles in the Memorial Park car park – and called for the recycling bins to be put back.

“It doesn’t cost us anything,” she told the parish council.

But Coun John Grimwood said the recycling bins were taken away by the contractor because people were removing bottles and smashing them near the play equipment.

He agreed bags of bottles should not be left in the park, but keeping the recycling bins meant broken glass had to be swept up all of the time.

Clerk Suzanne England said she had contacted the council’s insurance company, who told her broken glass was a risk and it would have to be cleared up.

She had tried to find an alternative recycling site at Lincolnshire Cooperative, but the firm would not agree to have the bins.

• The parish council has agreed to put up new 5mph speed limit signs in the Memorial Park car park to put the brakes on speeding drivers. A “no ball games” sign will also go up.

• Parish councillors are looking at the cost of providing free dog poo bags after the district council withdrew funding.