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Spalding’s top policeman has come up with eight good reasons why people should join the town’s special constabulary at a recruitment evening on Thursday.

Specials have played a vital role in policing Lincolnshire for hundreds of years and Community Policing Inspector Jim Tyner is hoping to meet the next generation at the police station at 7pm.

Insp Tyner, who started his own career as a volunteer Special Constable, said: “Specials have a long tradition of public service and I am incredibly proud of those we currently have working within South Holland."

Here are his eight reasons you might want to join:

* Marc Fowler is a customer service manager by day, but in his spare time Special Sergeant Fowler is a diligent and contentious supervisor.

Not only does he commit a large amount of his spare time to supervising his Special Constables, he consistently displays professionalism, determination, dedication and attention to detail.

* Self-employed legal advisor Steve Harrington has been a Special at Holbeach for 14 months.

Last year Marc and Steve were on duty together when they responded to a report of a man making threats to cause damage in the Holbeach area.

These volunteers were the first to arrive at the scene. They discovered a man sat in a vehicle. While the officers were talking to the man, he took hold of a home-made petrol bomb and attempted to ignite it with a lighter.

Both unhesitatingly took hold of the man, restrained him and prevented him igniting or throwing the bomb.

Both officers subsequently received a commendation for their actions.

* Workshop controller Victoria Poultney joined the Specials in 2011. Victoria often works on Friday and Saturday nights. When many of us are tucked up in bed, Victoria supports her colleagues policing outside the pubs and nightclubs in Spalding town centre.

* Purchasing manager Brendan O’Leary is often seen patrolling Spalding Market and the town centre on Saturdays. He has been walking this beat for nine years, using his local knowledge and policing experience to add to the sense of well-being in the town.

* Estate agent Tom Waltham has recently been confirmed in rank. This means that after successfully completing his probation he can patrol on his own.

* Lewis Putman is an emergency services dispatcher and has been a Special for three years. He regularly performs duties with PCSOs in the town centre. Recently he has been working on Operation Trunk, tackling street drinkers in Spalding.

* Alex Irving is a call taker and one of our newest Specials, joining in late 2012. Alex regularly gives many hours assisting the community patrol teams in Spalding.

* Darren Sutton is the manager of a shop in Spalding town centre, but also the Special Inspector in charge of South Holland’s Specials. He has recently completed 11 years’ voluntary public service.

Insp Tyner added: “The hard work and selfless dedication of all our Special Constables across South Holland shows that this is exactly what they are: something special.”

If you would like to attend please call 01522 558235 or email