Could mystery object above Gedney Hill be UFO?

TWO schoolgirls believe they saw a UFO while playing outside and are keen to know if anyone else spotted the rugby-ball shaped object in the sky on Sunday.

Sophie Dorken (12) and Emma Smith (13) were laying on the trampoline in Sophie's garden in Gedney Hill when they saw the mystery object above them at around 4pm.

Sophie's mum Esther said they came into the house quite bemused by what they had just seen.

Esther, of North Road, added: "They saw this little rugby-ball type shape and it was going very fast.

"It did not stop, but went straight over the top of them. They said it looked whiteish or grey in colour and looked like it had a door on it."

The girls who both go to St Guthlac's School, in Crowland, then set about scouring the Internet to see if they could see anything similar or if anybody else had spotted the object.

They also drew some pictures of what they had witnessed.

Esther added: "They got Sophie's brother's telescope out too but by that time it had gone.

"We're just want to know what it was and find out if anybody saw it.

"We did think it may be one of those air balloons from a show which had come loose but the girls said there were no strings attached to it.

"They said it was just a big rugby-ball shaped going very fast."

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