Cook up a perfect burger at the weekend

Steve Smith, chef at The Riverside Hotel at Surfleet. Photo: SG210613-141TW
Steve Smith, chef at The Riverside Hotel at Surfleet. Photo: SG210613-141TW
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Is there such a thing as a healthy burger? The answer, meat lovers will be pleased to hear, is a definite yes.

That’s particularly the case if you make your own, using lean meat and without using high-fat sauces to add taste.

Or you could just go to The Riverside Hotel at Surfleet, the perfect spot for a summer’s day with its decking overlooking the River Glen.

The pub’s chef Steve Smith is sharing his recipe for Tex-mex burger (to feed four), but the pub serves a wide range of different kinds of food using locally sourced and freshly cooked ingredients.

It also offers a pensioner’s special on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime – roast of the day for £3.95 plus a dessert for £1.95.

Families are encouraged to visit, with children able to eat for £1, plus unlimited refills on their soft drinks.

you will need

400gm steak mince (lean)

4 burger buns

1 large avocado

Iceberg lettuce – shredded

1 fresh tomato sliced

Cajun spice

1 small jar of tomato chutney or relish

4 rashers thick cut smoked bacon

1 tbsp mayonnaise (low cal option as an alternative)

Salt and pepper


Mix together the mince, a teaspoon cajun spice and a little salt and pepper. Divide into four, roll into balls then flatten into 1cm thick patties. Generously coat the burgers in cajun spice and cook over a medium heat, turning a couple of times, for around six minutes.

Meanwhile toast the buns (optional). When the burgers are cooked place on a plate and cover with foil to rest. Cook the bacon until nearly crispy, peel and chop the avocado lengthways into four. Top the bottom halves of the buns with mayonnaise then lettuce then sliced tomato; add the burgers followed by the bacon and then the sliced avocado. Finally, add a good dollop of relish and top the bun.

Great served with potato wedges and onion rings.