Consider a different kind of funeral

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You may want to organise a completely different kind of funeral.

It’s possible your relative or friend was enviromentally-minded and asked for a green burial.

Or they may not have attended a church and have felt strongly that a religious service would be inappropriate.

Also a large family may want to remember the person who has died in their own way, without the need for a celebrant to lead a ceremony.

Whatever your special requirements, tell the undertaker at the beginning of your relationship. If they can’t accommodate your wishes then move on and ask another firm.

These are all reasonable requests and you’ll find all of them can be easily met locally.

There are 12 green “cemeteries” in Lincolnshire – visit for full details of all the sites..

Requirements are usually that the coffin should be made out of entirely natural materials and that nothing that’s not biodegradable should go into the ground.

Woven “green” coffins made from wicker, water hyacinth or banana leaf can be expensive because they are generally handmade, but a coffin made from thick cardboard is acceptable and you could find it’s more reasonably priced.

Undertakers are used to arranging for a minister or priest to conduct the funeral service, but around 70 per cent of local funerals are led by a religious celebrant.

Alternatives include:

A registrar can act as civil celebrant to take the service outside of a church.

A Humanist celebrant will conduct a simple ceremony celebrating the life of the person who died and devoid of formal religious content.

You are also quite entitled to have relatives and friends simply stating what the person meant to them, either in the crematorium chapel or at the burial ground.