Grot spots that just won’t go away

Grot spots around Spalding
River Welland

Grot spots around Spalding River Welland

“We’ve had enough!” – that’s the verdict of Spalding residents who are tired of seeing rubbish piling up in the streets across town.

Angela and Philip Decamps say they never go out without a carrier bag and it’s always full of other people’s rubbish when they get home.

But with Philip coming up to retirement the couple, who live in Osier Road, are asking themselves whether it’s time to uproot and move somewhere else.

Mrs Decamps said: “The town is a total mess. It seems like every week we are getting on to the council (South Holland District Council) about a pile of rubbish somewhere.

“The alley from the river bank to Albion Street is particularly bad again.

“It’s unbelievable what people chuck there. I watched a woman dump a mop and someone pick it up later, inspect it, and throw it back.

“Why can’t people wait to put out the rubbish on collection days like we do instead of leaving it out all week?”

The Spalding Guardian asked readers on Facebook if there were any other grot spots in the town that were driving them mad.

Behind Aldi, under the footbridge over the railway line at Green Lane, the back of T Law & Sons Ltd butchers in Hall Place, Abbey Path, West Elloe Avenue, the corner of Love Lane, back of the Vine Pub and the Osier Road green have all been identified as worthy of being named in the town’s top grot spots.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for waste management, said many of the spots mentioned were privately owned.

He said: “What we need is for everyone to follow Germany’s example and be responsible for their own bit.”




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