Coffee shop fall caused Spalding woman’s death in South Africa

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A Spalding woman died days after tripping at a coffee shop in South Africa, an inquest has heard.

Dorothy Lee (69) was on holiday in the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast seaside resort of Margate with her husband and daughter on December 22.

While at the shop her daughter went to watch some African dancers perform nearby, said a statement from husband John.

After a short period Mrs Lee stood to follow her but as she ascended a single step she lost her balance and fell backwards, banging her head as she fell. She was left unconscious momentarily.

Following an ambulance being called she was taken to a private hospital where she was discharged the same day with two packs of pills.

She rested for several days but on December 27, Mr Lee awoke to find his wife ‘had the appearance of having a mini-stroke’ and unable to converse. She was then taken to Port Shepstone hospital, where she underwent further tests but sadly died on December 29.

A post-mortem carried out in South Africa found bleeding in the brain.

This was backed up by a further one carried out in Leicester.

There was an ‘air leak’ on the outside of both lungs and air under her skin.

It was said that ‘on the balance of probabilities the death may have been the result of a head injury’.

Due to previous health issues Mrs Lee was reported to be vulnerable to balance and tripping issues.

Coroner Murray Spittal concluded that Dorothy Lee’s ‘death was simply the result of an accident’.