Church open after repairs

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PINCHBECK Baptist Church will hold its first services on Sunday after a ceiling collapse forced an eight week closure for repairs.

A one-metre square chunk of plaster fell and hit the altar – showering debris and dust the length and breadth of the church.

Luckily the collapse happened overnight when the church was closed.

Builders advised the Rev Tony Kinnersley to have the whole ceiling replaced, saying any part of it could come crashing down without warning, and that left parishioners holding services in the church hall and raising funds to meet the £3,500 repair bill.

Spalding Guardian readers contributed to church efforts and so far there is £3,100 in the kitty.

Mr Kinnersley said another £200 will be raised from a Victorian evening and magic lantern show in the church hall tomorrow (Friday) and a table top sale will be held from 11am to 2pm on Saturday, March 26.

l Tickets costing £6.50 are available for the Victorian evening and they are available by calling Mr Kinnersley on 01775 710440. Tables for the sale can be booked on the same number.