Chats with Robin Williams

Robin Williams with Patch Adams. ANL-140815-163642001
Robin Williams with Patch Adams. ANL-140815-163642001

Inventor John Ward is mourning the passing of actor and genius Robin Williams.

John, from Moulton Seas End, twice chatted to Robin by phone through a mutual friendship with doctor and self-taught clown Patch Adams.

The actor played Patch in a film and a portrait of Robin, wearing a selection of Patch’s clown noses, and Patch hangs in John’s hallway with a written dedication from Patch that reads: “Nuts of the world unite.”

John said Robin spoke in “fluent machine gun” in their first conversation.

Robin told John about the Patch Adams film in their second early morning chat about a month later.

John said: “As we talked, he glided in and out of a sort of old English army general type of voice, not unlike Peter Sellers doing his Major Dennis Bloodnok in The Goon Show of years gone by and we eventually called it a day or, in my case, a morning.

“It is not often you meet or talk to a genius but I think I may well have done on this occasion. Robin Williams RIP.”