Cemetery extension could come from children’s play area

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PART of a field used as a children’s play area in Spalding could soon be used to extend the town’s cemetery.

South Holland District Council has lodged an application to change the use of its field at the end of Chiltern Drive to make more space for future burials.

According to a statement from the authority, Spalding Cemetery is “rapidly” running out of usable space within its existing boundaries.

However, officers say “adequate” space will remain for the play area.

“Much of the play equipment is positioned at the southern end of the plot, so none of this will need relocating,” reads the statement. “Only the goalposts at the north end will need to be removed. Just under two thirds of this piece of land will be required for use as a cemetery, leaving adequate space for the play area to still exist.”

The proposed road layout is designed to match in with the existing one, with the turning circle also replicating the one on the existing site.

The Welland and Deepings Internal Drainage Board have put their specifications forward for the culvert that will be needed for the drain between the existing cemetery and the field.

The southern boundary, a four foot high galvanised steel bow top fence will be put in place. The council says it will plant conifers to match the existing boundary and for a thick and quick-growing screen between the cemetery and the play area.

The statement concludes: “This piece of land is especially viable as a cemetery extension as it does not create a situation where any other properties will be overlooking it, only those who currently overlook the cemetery will remain to do so.

“I believe that this is a valuable piece of information as the idea of overlooking a cemetery doesn’t always go down well with local home owners.”