Cash up for grabs for local projects

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A potential ‘jewel in the crown’ in Spalding is looking a little tidier – thanks to the hard work of volunteers and help from a local councillor.

Sandra and Tony White have been working tirelessly from the crack of dawn along the banks of the River Welland to make the approach to the town look clean and welcoming, but weeds popping up all over the place has meant the job is endless.

After targeting the graffiti at their own expense, they asked the district councillor for the area, Gary Taylor, for a contribution from his delegated member’s budget to gravel unkempt boarders along the cycle path. Coun Taylor said he was delighted to help. He said: “This area is improving but it could be the jewel of the crown in Spalding.

“I campaigned to the county council to get the bridge painted and they did a good job of that.

“It’s great that Sandra and Tony do all this work and I was delighted to help.

“The challenge is the ongoing maintenance, but more people like Sandra and Tony could help.”

Each councillor has £5,000 to spend on community projects during the financial year, but currently £12,754 of delegated members’ budgets remains unspent. This sum was expected to be rolled over to the 2014-15 financial year at a meeting of South Holland District Council last night, increasing the total balance to £40,690.

Coun Taylor said: “Compared with Lottery funding it is easy to apply for. Just a meeting with your ward councillor and an A4 sheet to fill in. I don’t think people realise that.”

Sandra White said: “We are really grateful to Gary. He’s great and we know he will always get things done.”