Care home closing at weekend - but Janet (84) has nowhere to go

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A FAMILY is struggling to find care for their dementia-suffering mother as the deadline looms for the closure of her current care home.

Janet Erwood is the only resident left at Maria-Helena Care as her daughter battles to find a home where the 84-year-old can receive the nursing care she believes she requires.

The home in Dawsmere is due to close its doors for the final time at the weekend.

News of its closure was broken in a letter to residents and their families last month, penned by home owners Jaswant and Isabel Beeharry just hours before they were found dead in their car in an apparent double suicide.

The announcement left families floudering to make alternative arrangements.

Heather Erwood, who lives in Cheshire, is one of those who has spent every available moment trying to find alternative care around work and family commitments, but has hit out at the lack of support which has been offered by the primary care trust and local authority.

She said: “She’s the only one left there now because we can’t find another home to take her.

“The primary care trust has carried out a needs assessment and has said she doesn’t need nursing care, but the home’s own care plan clearly states that she does, so I can’t find a home willing to take her.

“We are being obstructed by the local authority and we are running out of time.”

And Janet’s son Guy, of Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate, fears the effect the move could have a devastating effect on his elderly mother.

He said: “If anything happens to my mother as a result of this I will spend the rest of my life devoted to making them pay.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council says a dedicated team of experts has been involved with the families to ensure suitable alternatives were found for all the 17 county council funded and six self-funded residents.

He said: “We immediately assigned a team to reassess each individual’s needs and, in liaison with their families, identified the most suitable alternative placements to best meet their requirements.

“All but one are now in alternative accommodation and support placements and we are working hard with the family of the remaining person to resettle their relative as soon as possible.”