Can Connor guess Guardian headline?

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Do you think you could guess what the headline will be on the front page of Thursday’s Spalding Guardian?

It’s a big ask, as even we here in Free Press towers have no idea at this stage what the news will throw at us – that’s the nature of the beast.

But 17-year-old Connor Elleston is putting his burgeoning reputation as a mentalist on the line by trying to do just that.

Last Thursday he handed over a sealed box containing an envelope inside an envelope inside an envelope.

Inside that, he says, is a piece of paper with a general outline written on it – a week in advance – of what will be making the front page.

That box is now sitting on the news editor’s desk, sealed, where it will remain until 11am on Thursday, when Connor will return for the opening and to see how close he got.

Connor has been doing what he does now for about three years.

He says he is not a psychic and it is not magic. Instead, he admits, some of it is subconscious suggestion and reading body language.

Whatever it is, it has to be seen to be believed.

And soon Connor could have his chance to show off his talents in front of an audience of millions.

Later this month he will audition for the first round of the BBC hit show Britain’s Got Talent, where he could get the chance to try and impress judges, including Simon Cowell, with his skills.

Connor said he is quite nervous about the big audition, adding: “Bearing in mind that the judges don’t particularly appreciate anything associated with magic, this audition will be like no other.

“Hopefully it will go well. The judges don’t really like long convoluted acts, and obviously it will have to impress them, but I am looking forward to giving it a go.”

To find out more about Connor and his act, which also includes hypnotism and pickpocketing, go to