Campaign to rid the district of ‘not spots’

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AREAS suffering from little or no broadband service are being highlighted as part of a campaign to improve connectivity.

A map showing huge areas of so-called ‘not-spots’ across Spalding and the wider county has been drawn up by Lincolnshire County Council in the hope that businesses in the area will be spurred into action and register with the website.

The lighter colours on the map indicate that the speeds in those areas are on average below 2mbps, or non-existent, meaning that simple things that many take for granted like using BBC iPlayer simply do not function.

Only 146 businesses in the South Holland area have added their voice to the campaign and hundreds more are needed to reach the county-wide target of 10,000 by December.

The list of business sign-ups to the website will eventually be used to lobby service providers to put the infrastructure in place across the county.

Phil Scarlett, president of Spalding and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “So far there are less than 150 businesses signed up in our area - but hundreds more could add their names to the list.

“Spalding and the rest of South Holland will be left behind other areas if businesses here aren’t shouting as loudly as they can.”

Across Lincolnshire, 1,015 businesses have answered the call for poor connectivity to be improved.

Simon Beardsley, chief executive of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This map is a stark wake-up call for all businesses in the Spalding area to realise just how much we are missing out on.

“It is concerning, but unfortunately not surprising, that so many of the spots are red – showing that they have little or no connection.

“I would hope to see every business in Spalding sign up to the campaign and show that this is a place that demands a better broadband service.”

Businesses can add their names to the online register at or call Lincolnshire County Council’s Customer Service Department on 01522 782066.