Campaign goes on to make footbridge safer

Attempts to remove the graffiti have so far failed.
Attempts to remove the graffiti have so far failed.

Residents are being reassured steps are being taken to improve safety on a local footbridge, following a campaign launched by a reader in the Spalding Guardian.

Gillian Overton called for action following a recent graffiti attack on new artwork inspired by children on Stepping Stones Bridge.

We are working to address issues of anti-social behaviour

Network Rail

But it was her safety when crossing in the dark after a day at work in Peterborough that concerned her, as well as the mindless acts of vandalism.

She said: “Residents want a CCTV camera, litter bins on both sides and regular police checks as I do believe drugs are also being passed on up there.

“Will it cost a life before anything is done, because that’s what will be next? We need to campaign for something to be done.” When we told bridge owners Network Rail about the signed coupons we have received at the Spalding Guardian office in support of the campaign, a spokesman said: “We are already working with the local community to address the issues of anti-social behaviour at this bridge.

“Our community safety manager is keen to support improvements in this area, but this needs to be a coordinated, joint effort with ourselves, British Transport Police, local police and the local authority.

“There are some concerns that lighting could add to, rather than reduce the disturbance by attracting more young people to the area, but we are happy to work with partners and meet local residents to discuss these issues further.”

Attempts to remove graffiti have so far failed. The Network Rail spokesman said: “We have attempted to remove the graffiti at the weekend, but this was unsuccessful. Our team is going out again early next week to try again.”

If you would like to add your name to the campaign, fill in the coupon right and return it to the Spalding Guardian, Priory House, The Crescent, PE11 1AB.