Calls for councillor to stand down

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CALLS have been made for a Holbeach councillor to consider resigning their post after an alleged breach of the rules.

Concerns were brought to Holbeach Parish Council by one of the former members, who claimed she had been told confidential information by another member of the public.

Giving the reprimand to her former colleagues during a public forum on Monday, Isobel Hutchinson said she was “slightly disturbed” to be asked about a subject which she knew would have been “taken in committee”.

She demanded to know if the person responsible was going to admit the breach of the rules and, if not, what the council was going to do about it.

She added: “Or is it time someone reports the whole of the parish council to the standards board?”

Mrs Hutchinson left the room to tell current parish chairman Coun Rita Rudkin what the subject had been.

On returning, Coun Rudkin said: “I am afraid we do have some evidence that what I consider to be confidential matters have been discussed in public.”

She said the information had been “precise” in detail, before saying she hoped whoever was involved would feel it “so strongly in their own conscience” to resign or step down.

Mrs Hutchinson added: “That’s one of the reasons I stood down. I do not feel this council is acting as it should be. I did not want to be part of it so I stood down.”

Coun Rudkin said the issue would be placed on the agenda for a future meeting.

“Feel reassured it will not be dismissed,” she said.