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We were pleased to welcome this week someone who has had a major influence on many people in the Holbeach area, as deputy head of the George Farmer School in Holbeach. Gill Graper (pictured) retired three years ago and now finds herself busier than ever.

Gill has long had an interest in theatre and now she finds she is able to see many different types of production, both locally and on the London stage.

Her daughters, Sam and Charlotte, are very involved in music and theatre as well, Sam being head of music at the Holbeach Academy and Charlotte runs ACT2 with husband Karl Gernet.

Gill has also become involved with the Samaritans in Peterborough and she told us a little of the work she does with them. At this time of year, whilst being eagerly anticipated by most children, Christmas is also dreaded by a number of vulnerable people and the work the Samaritans does comes to the fore while most of us are having fun.

Gill has been an inspiration to many in the area and she continues to be an inspiration to many who perhaps find they have too much spare time on their hands following retirement. There are so many worthy organisations out there who would benefit from new volunteers –the Samaritans are one but there are others. So make it your resolution to volunteer. Have a listen to Gill’s interview on the Podcast Section on our website