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A lesson on the lighthouse

Doug is a trustee for the Snowgoose Wildlife Trust and has recently bought the lighthouse which was once home to Sir Peter Scott.

He has ambitious plans to turn the lighthouse into a unique attraction focussing on its history as well as building a visitor centre to encourage new interest in wildfowl conservation that Sir Peter Scott started over 80 years ago.

The lighthouse is one of a pair that once stood at the mouth of the River Nene.

Sir Peter Scott, painter and naturalist, lived in there from 1933 to 1939 and was a founding member of the World Wildlife Fund, designing the famous logo. While at the lighthouse he achieved fame as a wildlife artist and, creator of his own special style of wildfowl painting depicting birds flying, landing and feeding against a backdrop of sunrises, sunsets and mists on the marshes. Scott was knighted in 1973 for his contribution to conservation.

The Snowgoose Wildlife Trust both celebrates Scott’s life and follows his passion for the conservation of wildlife and nature.

The lighthouse will be open for visitors during August.

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