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We welcomed back to our studios community policing Inspector Jim Tyner, with PC Paul Smith, who is about to retire from the police force after 25 years.

Jim has been with the force since he was 29. He took up his current role in January and has been actively changing the community policing in Spalding since then.

Paul joined the police in 1988. He came to Lincolnshire Police in 1997, originally based at Boston, before transferring to Spalding and finishing as community beat manager for the Spalding Town Neighbourhood Policing Team.

We spoke about cautions and restorative justice following recent debate on the issue locally. Restorative justice is much more victim focused.

Jim assured us it’s the only criminal justice outcome that has been consistently shown to reduce re-offending, whilst providing a deterrent and freeing up time for officers to deal with more serious crimes.

Another relevant topic was the perceived lack of policing in Holbeach and how they plan to tackle this as well as other issues in Holbeach.

We discussed the Spalding Pumpkin Festival and the policing that goes into this popular event. Jim and Paul told us how underage drinking has been a historical problem on this night, and how shortening the evening’s celebrations reduced this – in addition there was a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour which has blighted the event in previous years.

We also spoke about the street pastors scheme, which aims to give help and support to the vulnerable, homeless and people having a night out, and we spoke of how this is working within Spalding.

We also talked of the Magistrates’ Court, which is about to be delisted, and the effect its closure will have on policing locally, a situation that they both regretted.

We finished by wishing Paul Smith all the very best in his retirement, something he’s been planning for a number of years and it sounds like he’ll be busier than ever.

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