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Sgt Stuart Hurst
Sgt Stuart Hurst
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Recently, we welcomed Sgt Stuart Hurst into the Tulip Radio studios when we talked about local community issues and his career with the police and armed forces.

Stuart served in the army prior to joining the police, being operationally deployed to Bosnia in 1999, Kosovo and Canada in 2001 and Afghanistan in 2002. He joined the police ten years ago initially with Leicestershire Constabulary – his home town force. He met his wife whilst in the army, and she later joined Cambridgeshire Police, prompting their move to Crowland and then Spalding, which caused Stuart’s change to Lincolnshire Police, all in the interests of both partners living close to their jobs!

He has been with Spalding Police Force since 2008, initially as a constable but being promoted to sergeant on patrol duties then in the intelligence unit and latterly community policing.

Stuart told us about his work with the new Street Pastors scheme, as well as being a Methodist preacher. He also spoke to us about his work with the police force, and what he has done in his time with them, including visiting Northern Ireland and the G8 Police Summit. We also heard his views on ASBOs and new migrant communities within South Holland.

We also spoke of Lincolnshire Police’s 1000 Volunteers Recruitment Campaign and what that entails for the local force, as well as the community.

You can listen to the full interview by visiting our website and clicking on the podcast section.