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Dave Charlesworth, Matt Flisher and James Holland of Activ Leisure.
Dave Charlesworth, Matt Flisher and James Holland of Activ Leisure.
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With Spalding’s Loaded Nightclub approaching its ninth anniversary, this week we welcomed manager, Dave Charlesworth, as well as Matthew Flisher and James Holland, who look afterAlleyCatz and Bounce for Activ Leisure, owners of these popular local venues.

We talked of all the managers’ responsibilities and their collective visions at these venues and we learned from Matthew of his involvement at other locations in Boston which Activ have just taken on.

They now have a popular riverside pub as well as the historic Assembly Rooms which is to be the subject of a costly refurbishment to turn it into Boston’s prime entertainment venue, with both a nightclub and meeting rooms planned.

It’s hoped that the Assembly Rooms, a landmark Lincolnshire building, could be the venue for events such as cooking sessions with celebrity chefs.

In Spalding with its more established venues, there are plenty of plans to keep the ever popular events going, such as Bounce’s coverage of the new football season coming up, and continuing TV celebrity appearances at Loaded.

We also learned of some new ideas in the mix for Activ Leisure’s venues, one possibility being a live band night for Bounce.

You can listen to the whole interview with Dave, Matthew and James on the podcasts page of our website, at, where you can also find the latest community news and events.