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From broccoli to beauty

This week we welcomed two key figures at Boston College, principal Amanda Mosek and the vice principal of corporate services Janet Hemmant.

Janet (pictured left) told of the beginnings of Boston College which opened for full-time students in 1964 on the site they still occupy today.

At the time courses were centred around employment and whilst domestic science and agricultural and horticultural courses might be catered for elsewhere now, hairdressing courses continue to be much in demand.

We discussed the exciting new opening of their new ‘Style Academy’ salons at the Red Lion Quarter, which is a comprehensive training facility for the area’s students to train for hair and beauty qualifications.

Amanda (right) has been at her post for almost two years. She said she enjoyed the job and is keen to see the benefit of the new 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, introduced by the government for the upcoming academic year to promote further education to those aged 24 and up.

Janet has been a part of the Boston College Trust since 1991, working to improve the various locations of Boston College such as the Red Lion Quarter. Additionally she organised the 2010 and 2011 South Holland Food Festivals at Ayscoughfee Hall.

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