Calling the tune by Tulip Radio

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This week Tulip Radio held its annual end of year presentation evening. The event was once again held at AlleyCatz.

The night got off to a great start with two games of bowling followed by a meal for everyone and then a quiz. One last round of bowling was then completed before the awards ceremony commenced.

This year’s awards were as difficult to judge as any previous year in the radio station’s history, with so many dedicated volunteers giving up their free time to help run the radio station.

After careful consideration we decided on Dave Mustoe for the Volunteer of the Year Award. Dave has been volunteering here for many years and fully deserves his award for providing such a valuable service to Tulip Radio over the years.

Callum Pepper picked up Presenter of the Year. Callum has been very busy this year with his attendance at university, but has still managed to present a variety of top shows for us every week despite these other engagements.

Three presenters were awarded medals as Stars of Tulip, Christopher Smith for his continued support for the website and Adam Mustoe and Callum Pepper for their support whilst still at university.

Adam Mustoe triumphed to claim this year’s top spot as Tulip Radio’s bowling champion of 2012; plainly university life gives him the opportunity to hone his skills!

Despite the individual awards going to just two people, we have to highlight that any of our success is due to hard work of all our volunteers, who give up their time to help serve the community, whether it be once a month or every day. Any business needs a committed and determined team and we are so grateful for all our volunteers who gladly continue to provide this.

Thanks to AlleyCatz, Bounce and Loaded for not only hosting our presentation, but for their invaluable help and support they continue to give us.