Calling the tune by Tulip Radio

With all the talk about the 2013 Flower Parade being probably the last one, we were interested to hear the views of one of the remaining bulb growers in the area, Peter Ruysen of D&R Simmonds of Pinchbeck.

Peter was involved with the Pinchbeck float many years ago, when many local villages provided floats for the Tulip Parade, as it then was.

Today Moulton Chapel is the only village still constructing its own float which may well be a comment on the change in local communities over the last 40 years.

Peter came into the studioand recalled the incredible enthusiasm of the Flower Parade in the mid 60s and 70s.

In those days many local companies provided workers to construct the floats which took around three days to build. Everything was done in the original Spalding Bulb Auction Halls which were situated on what is now Holland Market; in those days the whole point of the parade was to promote the flourishing UK bulb industry whose base was essentially here in Spalding.

It shouldn’t be forgotten however that without the foresight of many local passionate bulb growers, Spalding today simply would not be on the map in terms of visitors and tourism.

Additionally, many local food processing factories would not exist without the flexibility of many former bulb growers who saw the future and diversified into crops that would require a processing facility near the growing operation.

So we all owe these local pioneers a big vote of thanks for their ability to think ‘outside the box’ and help to create the relative prosperity many local businesses enjoy as a result.

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