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This week on Tulip Talk we welcomed two Spalding-based PCSO’s, veteran Paul Coupland and the force’s newest recruit, Natalie Hines, and we had a chance to talk through the roles they play within the Community of South Holland.

Police Community Support Officers were first introduced in 2002, enabling civilian members of the police to help support officers in tackling anti-social behaviour and other issues that affect the quality of life for local people.

Paul Coupland was in the vanguard of the PCSO scheme shortly after the scheme was introduced byLincolnshire Police in September 2003. Prior to his PCSO role, Paul spent 15 years in the armed services, along with two years as a paramedic on an oil rig.

Natalie Hines (22) by contrast, has only been in the role since May this year, but since she was a very young child her ambition has always been to be in the Police, so in a sense her job is a culmination of her childhood dream. She is a local girl, having attended Spalding High School and she applied three years ago after being in the Boston Police Cadets and winning the Cadet of the Year award in 2009.

Our discussions were most interesting and the mix of Paul Coupland’s experience coupled with Natalie’s very obvious enthusiasm give us a great mix of old and new perspectives on being a PCSO.

You can listen to the full interview on the podcast section of our website, at, where you can also find the latest community news and events.