Calling all Spalding traders

Spalding town centre on parade day ANL-140405-164422001
Spalding town centre on parade day ANL-140405-164422001
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Town centre retailers are meeting this week to discuss ways they can work with the new town centre manager to make Spalding a better place for all.

A spokesman for the traders said: “We are all committed to wanting to make Spalding a success story.

“We want people to want to spend time and shop in our town, by making it cleaner, safer, and encourage more and different shops in town alongside the good ones we already have.

“To improve parking and signage, to welcome people to our town and make it an enjoyable experience. To encourage our market to expand and to have events and activity within the town centre.

“We have a big wish list and we think we have ideas that will make our town centre a better place. This can only happen with the commitment and support of our council who we want to work with and with the right town centre manager who can help our plans come to fruition.

“The Chamber of Commerce, too, has a part to play, as do other interest groups. We should all want the same thing for Spalding - to thrive and be successful”.

Those unable to attend the meeting or who want to be involved or kept informed of progress could contact any of the traders already involved, including Bookmark, Spalding Travel, Butters, Hills Department Store, Beales, Austin John Interiors, Taylor’s Coffee Shop, Wilkinson’s, The Maple Leaf and Ocassions Jewellers.