Call for village speed limit cut after crash

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A COUPLE are calling for a lower speed limit outside their home after a suspected drink-driver crashed through their driveway and shunted their van into a neighbouring field.

Emma Burt and Fraser Bradbury returned home from taking their dogs for a run to a scene of devastation outside their Deeping St Nicholas home.

Their immediate thoughts were that their house was on fire as a huge plume of smoke billowed up, but as they pulled onto their drive they discovered their Volkswagen Transporter van was no longer where they had left it – instead it was almost ten metres away in the field.

At the same time, the alarmed couple saw a man run out of the field, cross the road and run off across another field opposite.

Emma said: “We called the police and while we waited for them, the driver came back. He had lost control of his car, careered across our neighbour’s drive, then ours and hit our van side on, taking it into the field.”

The accident had also resulted in gravel being flung up, smashing a house window and cracking the windscreen of a camper van. The car had also hit the front fence, causing a piece of wood to hit Fraser’s work van, resulting in damage to the boot.

Emma and Fraser are now renewing their appeals to Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department to consider lowering the 50mph which runs through Deeping St Nicholas outside their Main Road home.

Emma said: “We have written to highways and asked for someone to visit our property and reassess the speed limit as we feel this is a very dangerous stretch of road.

“We have lived here for just over three years and this is the third accident, the first ending with the driver having a broken pelvis.

“The council seems to think it is fine for this village to have such a high speed limit despite the number of houses on the edge of the road.

“People who live in Deeping St Nicholas have to take their lives in their hands every time they pull out of their driveways due to motorists driving over the already too-fast speed limit.”

A police spokesman confirmed a 22-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving and investigations are ongoing.