Cabinet Call – this week by leader Gary Porter

Gary Porter
Gary Porter
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It has been a month since I last wrote for this column, and what an interesting month it has proved to be.

We have seen local elections in some areas, and European elections across the whole of the country. Fortunately for existing local politicians there were no elections locally and so no direct impact on the shape of South Holland District Council or its cabinet.

That is not to say there is no impact at all, indeed the exact reverse is the case. The size of the vote for UKIP in parts of the country that had been seen as ‘safe’ for the three main parties, means that any politician (local or national) who takes the support of their voters for granted is foolish in the extreme.

Most of us (certainly members of the cabinet here) claim to be ‘listening’ councillors as well as doing councillors. Personally I think all of us will need to work much, much harder than ever before to convince our residents that this is the case.

A number of years ago we introduced ‘public questions’ at our cabinet meetings and moved the meeting to evenings so that more members of the public could attend. Sadly these innovations didn’t deliver much more engagement, so perhaps there is an opportunity now to use this column and change that.

Each week different people around the cabinet table have been invited to write a piece. Perhaps you would like to suggest the topics on which they write for you? Tell us what aspects of the council’s work, or South Holland life in general, is getting under your skin, making you agitated (or indeed happy) and we will look to get the cabinet member responsible to cover the issue, and what we might be able to do about it, in their next column.