We’re best in the country for food

LINCOLNSHIRE has been named the nation’s favourite food spot – and a top South Holland councillor hailed the news as the chance to boost our economy and the Red Lion Quarter.

The county saw off stiff competition to win the crown of Britain’s Favourite Food Spot in a national poll voted for by members of the public.

South Holland District Council deputy leader Nick Worth says he is delighted that Lincolnshire has finally been recognised for its food – with the south of the county at the heart of the food industry.

Coun Worth said: “It is not surprising but it is really good news. People tend to forget Lincolnshire. Although in the back of their minds they see it produces food they are maybe not that aware of the sheer range of food you can get here.

“Until people start shouting about it you don’t realise yourself all the different varities of sausages, cheese and vegetables we have.

“This will put Lincolnshire well and truly on the map for a lot of people and is really good for potential tourism and the economy.”

The competition, run to mark the tenth anniversary of the British Food Fortnight, attracted 22,000 votes and saw Lincolnshire beat favourites Cornwall.

In a national newspaper interview about the county’s success chef Rachel Green highlighted the Tastes of Lincolnshire campaign and the Red Lion Quarter in Spalding as two projects that champion the county’s food.

The Red Lion Quarter has struggled to live up to expectations since opening in April, and Norfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services (NWES) has been called in to turn its fortunes around.

NWES is reviewing the food court and wants to relaunch it in a bid to boost sales.

Coun Worth says that the competition win gives the Red Lion Quarter the perfect basis for its relaunch.

Coun Worth added: “They have got to go through some changes but the concept has got huge potential.

“When they have the redesign and look at how to market it better they can look at the results of this survey and need to be stocking the widest range of Lincolnshire products and showing how its made.

“This is a great opportunity for the Red Lion Quarter and it can be the basis for its relaunch.”

A report is due to go to the council’s next cabinet meeting on October 11.