Traders say where grit needed in Spalding

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SPALDING traders will draw up a list of locations for where they want grit bins in the town centre for next winter – after being told it is too late to put them in this year.

Businesses were worried about the slippery state of the paths and pavements in Spalding in each of the last two winters – and Phil Hall, of Turner’s fish and chip shop, was so concerned for the safety of shoppers in the week before Christmas that he put down some of his salt supplies.

At last week’s Spalding and District Area Chamber of Commerce meeting President Jason Rooke told members that when the chamber asked for town centre grit bins they were told they could not have them.

He said the bins cost £160 each, which was not a problem, but that salt was a “precious commodity” and there were “no supplies whatsoever” for sites not already on Lincolnshire County Council’s inventory.

Mr Rooke said: “What we have suggested is that in the spring or early summer we do a survey, decide on sites and then start getting on their case to ensure that there are no excuses for winter 2011/12.

“They have at least made an effort in the town centre this year and it is 100 per cent better than last year. Let’s hope we don’t get another need for it this year.”

Mr Hall said it was when he was on his way home on the Wednesday before Christmas that he saw there would be a problem with dangerous ice in the town.

He said: “I could see that even if they came into the town at 9am there would be people coming in to work before then.

“I thought it was going to be treacherous so I’d better do something about it.”

Mr Hall used some rock salt from the council and, when that ran out, put his own fish and chip shop salt down.

Fellow traders gave him a round of applause for his efforts. And there was laughter when Mr Hall revealed someone pointed out that there was a hole in his salt bag as he walked around..