Holbeach delivery office will close

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HOLBEACH delivery office will close next summer and its business transferred to Spalding under Royal Mail “modernisation” plans.

A ‘for sale’ board has gone up on the Barrington Gate office, which is thought to employ about 30 people.

In a statement Royal Mail said moving the Holbeach operation, which delivers mail to customers in the PE12 postcode area, will provide improved working conditions, secure employment and a more cost effective operation.

The statement added: “Detailed planning for the move will take place in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition for customers and staff in Holbeach.

“The interest of our customers will be considered as a top priority during these operational changes which will not take place before summer 2012.

“Such considerations will also include how customers can collect undelivered mail.”

Royal Mail’s Anglia operations director Nicola Scrivings said: “We are telling our people about the move now before the detailed planning starts.

“We want to be able to work with our people on the change and have the opportunity to discuss the implications with individuals.”

There will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of this change and Royal Mail will also reimburse its people for any extra mileage incurred as a result of the move.

Local postal workers have been fighting the proposals, backed by Holbeach Parish Council.

Council chairman Rita Rudkin said: “We were giving 100 per cent support to the people who are endeavouring to save the delivery office but it seems inevitable that it will close.

“The biggest problem will be undelivered post. If people have to go to Spalding it won’t be easy, especially if they don’t have their own transport.

“For people living in outlying areas like Gedney Drove End it will be a big journey.

“People are going to find it very inconvenient, that’s for sure.

“It’s a case of victimising rural areas.”