Head of Sustainable Spalding: ‘Critics should work with me’

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THE MAN behind plans to regenerate Spalding has hit out at his critics and called on them to work with him for the good of the town.

Richard Garvie has sparked controversy since he announced his vision for Sustainable Spalding, a company that aims to regenerate the town and boost the economy.

The 27-year-old former Tulip Radio presenter has spoken out about questions relating to what experience he has to deliver his dream and what he will get out of the project.

He said he is not being paid for his work at the moment but, if he is able to attract a developer to the town, it would help fund the regeneration company and pay for experts who would be employed to bid for more cash to improve the town.

He said: “This is not the Richard Garvie company, it is a company for the town.

“I came up with the idea for a regeneration company because I looked at Corby and places like that and it has been really successful there.

“The company would be staffed by regeneration professionals and paid for from funding from a supermarket or development.

“Trustees would be appointed and it would be up to them to decide whether to pay me – that’s their decision.

“It isn’t about me – I would happily pass it over to other people in the town if they come forward but there are certain people who want to put out false stories about me.

“Rather than people getting suspicious about my motives, they really should sit around the table and work with me.”

On Tuesday we revealed that Mr Garvie will launch a consultation on where people in the town would like to see a supermarket. The consultation will start this weekend and last for the rest of the month.

He hopes that money from a new supermarket would pay for a cinema and says he can prove wrong the people who said Spalding could not attract a cinema.

He added: “The main reason we are trying to bring a cinema here is to stop the decline in footfall.

“There are three companies willing to come to Spalding. I have a preferred provider and should we get the money for the building they will operate from that site.”