Freak winds pull down house walls

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“FREAK” weather conditions are being blamed for brickwork falling down on two newly-built homes on the same estate in Pinchbeck.

Residents living in Viscount Close were advised to consider evacuating when the top section of the gable-end wall came crashing down from two properties during strong winds.

Still seeking assurances: Lara Crowson, Sean Elwes and their baby son Alfie.

Still seeking assurances: Lara Crowson, Sean Elwes and their baby son Alfie.

Bricks were left scattered across the front garden of one property in the street, while bricks and even a television aerial were left strewn in the back garden of another.

Housebuilding firm Larkfleet Homes, based in Bourne, says a structural engineer has since given assurances that there is no building fault with the properties.

However, one resident says she is still nervous about staying at home and will be seeking further reassurances.

Lara Crowson (26) was at home with her fiance Sean Elwes (27) and four-month-old baby Alfie when the bricks fell on to her patio at around 10.15pm on Wednesday.

She said: “I had just fetched my baby downstairs and my partner was preparing his milk when we heard something. It wasn’t just a massive thud but a huge noise.

“We went through to the kitchen, looked out the back of the property and there were bricks everywhere.

“My partner went out and saw the apex of the house was missing and the aerials and dish were down.”

The family immediately packed their bags but it wasn’t until they went to put everything in the car that they they realised the same thing had happened at another house down the road.

The next day, they were told it was safe to return.

Miss Crowson, who moved in just four months ago, said: “I have no doubt it’s structurally safe. It’s a timber-framed house. I am just concerned the rest of the bricks are going to fall down.

“What concerns me is that if there had been trees down across Pinchbeck and Spalding I could quite easily understand it but there was nothing. This happened to two houses in one estate.

“There will be more discussions with Larkfleet to reassure me.”

A number of residents are understood to have left their properties following advice from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue but some did choose to stay.

One family, who did not want to be named, said: “The police said they had trees coming down and if there was nothing wrong with our houses, it was best to stay put.

“We didn’t sleep. We heard every noise.”

Roof tiles were also beginning to lift in the wind.

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