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THIS is a difficult time financially for many in south Lincolnshire: some people are struggling to pay their mortgages while others, who rely on interest from savings to boost their pennies in retirement, are finding it hard to get enough income.

Which is why, from next week, we are introducing a new columnist to the Lincolnshire Free Press – qualified mortgage advisor and estate planner Paul Hammond.

Paul (49), who lives in Pinchbeck, is going to offer readers a cross-section of advice in a weekly column, drawing on his own experience of working within the mortgage market and estate planning.

He added: “I have an interest in all areas of finance, from utilities right the way through to savings and investments, and I have contacts with a great number of people within the industry so if someone asks an obscure question I could probably find someone who had the answer.

“I would imagine the majority of readers are going to be concerned with issues to do with home and family life, such as paying for children through the years ahead and for university, high utility bills, or making their money work a bit harder and protecting their wealth. They are going to be concerned about having to go into a care home but wanting to hold on to their house.

“There is also the situation where people are worried about making a will, particularly single parents, which I think is a very overlooked area.”

Readers might be interested to know Paul’s clients include stars of stage and screen, people he has come across in his previous life as director, writer and producer for a number of theatrical productions.

If you have a question for Paul, contact him on – if you don’t have access to the internet, write out your query and address it to Jean Hodge at the Lincolnshire Free Press address.