BUILDING NOISE: An apology from Broadgate Homes

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I am writing in response to a number of complaints regarding noise and working hours on our sites over the last couple of months.

We at Broadgate take pride in the fact that wherever we build we try to be as considerate to our neighbours as possible; over the years we have built many homes in and around South Holland and hope that whilst some parts of the construction cycle can be noisy we do manage to keep disturbance to a minimum.

Clearly, recently we have failed in this on certain occasions and we apologise for this unreservedly.

Whilst all of our staff are very aware of the hours we operate between, unfortunately on a couple of occasions contractors employed by ourselves have operated outside of those hours.

We take full responsibility for this; on granting the contract we have failed to make the contractors aware of the expected hours and in their willingness to get the work done they have operated outside of these boundaries.

I can confirm that all existing contractors are now aware of our commitment to be considerate contractors, as will all new contractors engaged. Hopefully this will ensure that disruption in the future is kept to a minimum.

Finally, I would like to apologise again to all of those that have been affected by any of the work done outside of normal reasonable working hours and assure you that it is something we are striving to ensure does not happen again.

Ian Canham

Broadgate Group

Weston Hills