Bring back drive test centre – call

Instructors calling for return of Spalding test centre - Patti White, Simon Halgarth, Norman Parish and Tim White.
Instructors calling for return of Spalding test centre - Patti White, Simon Halgarth, Norman Parish and Tim White.
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Driving schools gearing up to press for tests to be brought back to Spalding say it’s ridiculous they are travelling thousands of extra miles a year when the test centre in Peterborough thought removing its coffee machine would “reduce its carbon footprint”.

Since the Spalding Test Centre was closed in 2008 to make way for new ones in Boston and Peterborough, instructors are clocking up an average 10,000 to 15,000 miles extra miles a year – a huge increase on their carbon footprint as well as bumping up the cost to pupils.

An e-petition has been launched so the 30 plus schools that operate in the area can gather support for pupils not to have to travel as far to take their tests and to practice for them.

A Facebook page, Bring Back Spalding Test Centre is also calling for support for the campaign. Patti White, of Patti’s School of Motoring, said the “eco” argument played a big part in their campaign.

She said: “The crazy thing is it’s all right for us to be travelling an extra 10,000 plus a year, but when the Peterborough Test Centre took out its coffee machine the excuse was to reduce carbon footprint.”

Norman Parish, of the Spalding School of Motoring, said: “The cost of lessons has increased considerably recently due to the price of fuel, servicing and other overheads. Were we to have a local centre, driving instructors would lose money from a reduction in hours tuition required, but the needs and wishes of our students are our main concern.”

Les Britton, of the Les Britton School of Motoring, who launched the campaign said the Driving Standards Agency has started some pilot programmes across the country bringing tests back into communities using government buildings. He said: “Although Spalding is not one of the locations in the next phase of the DSA’s work, I have asked them to ensure Spalding receives consideration as the agency further develops its plan for improved local service delivery of car driver testing.

”The more support we can gather, the better chance we have of the DSA listening.”

To support the campaign, visit and Bring Back Spalding Test Centre page on Facebook.