BREAKING NEWS: Big savings unveiled for South Holland’s gas and electricity customers

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WEDNESDAY 2pm: South Holland’s first gas and electricity “reverse auction” will produce average yearly savings of £171 per home.

Ovo Energy and Co-operative Energy are the winners of the iChoosr auction conducted on Monday and South Holland’s 2,000-plus residents who registered an interest will receive personal proposals within the next few days telling them exactly how much they will save.

Anyone can now join the next auction, which takes place on December 18, but they must register an interest by midnight the day before. There is no commitment to switch until you receive a formal offer.

Paper registration forms are now available at the council offices in Priory Road, Spalding, or you can sign up on line by visiting and clicking on the banner headline for the energy switch.

Council leader Gary Porter says more auctions will be held in the New Year and he hopes to include businesses so even more people can benefit.

He hopes more residents will grab their chance to save cash.

Coun Porter said: “Sign up straight away – it should save you some money.”

Some 2,200 people registered an interest for Monday’s auction.

Predicted average savings are: £176 (for current online billing dual fuel customers), £156 (for current paper billing dual fuel customers), £165 (for current online billing electricity only customers) and £182 (for current paper billing electricity only customers).