Bow makes music at sale

A violin bow found in a pile of rubbish in a house clearance at Sutton Bridge made music at an auction by selling for £3,600.

The bow was owned by the Rev Hugh Theodosius, who died aged 79 in September.

Dating from 1900 the bow was from London maker W E Hill and Son and featured silver frog fittings to tension its horsehair.

Auctioneer Guy Schooling said: “Despite being found in a damp garage it seemed to have escaped with only superficial damage.

“The horsehair was all hanging off the bow when we found it, which made it look a bit grotty.

“But along the line of the bow you could see it was straight and had clearly been nicely worked – and bows of quality, as we discovered, are quite valuable.”

It was sold to a music teacher.

The bow was found with a “dilapidated” violin, which Mr Theodosius had owned since he was a choirboy at Sailisbury Cathedral.

He gained a music scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge, before swapping to theology. He served as a priest at Billingborough, Horbling, Sempringham Abbey and Pointon and then helped out at Long Sutton area churches following retirement.