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Bookmark's book of the week.
Bookmark's book of the week.
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Bookmark in The Crescent, Spalding, have chosen 617 Going to War with Today’s Dambusters as its book of the week

Bookmark’s book of the week is 617 Going to War with Today’s Dambusters, by Tim Bouquet.

In May 1943, 617 Squadron RAF executed one of the most daring operations in military history as bombers mounted a raid against hydro-electric dams in Germany. The Dambusters became a Second World War legend. Nearly 70 years later, in April 2011, a new generation of elite flyers was deployed to Afganistan – their mission: to provide close air support to troops on the ground.

Tim Bouquet was given unprecedented access to 617’s pre-deployment training and blistering tour in Afganistan. He describes vividly the months of gruelling training in the UK, flying sorties over the Highlands, followed by four months in the heat and dust of Afganistan. From dramatic air strikes to the life-and-death search for IEDs and low-flying shows of force, he tracks every mission – and the skill, resilience and exceptional airmanship that see 617 through. A Tornado crew of pilot and navigator would not blink at a 16-hour day, making split-second decisions flying at 700mph, often upside down and in the dark.

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