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Long Way Home

by Eva Dolan

RRP £14.99

When a book is set in your home town it makes you so much more involved in its story; but when it’s a crime novel it makes the hairs on your arms stand up, you find yourself looking at the place you have lived for years in a whole new light and you look so much more carefully at the people you pass in the street.

Books like this have such an impact, you will think about them for years.

This is one of those books and we are very lucky to have the author coming for an event on Tuesday, January 21 at 7.15pm.

Tickets are available at £3.50 to include a glass of wine or juice.

Set in Spalding, Wisbech and Peterborough, Eva Dolan’s book is fiction based on fact and, as well as being a gripping crime novel, it covers issues such as migrant workers, slum landlords and community tensions.