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Bath Times and Nursery Rhymes by Pam Weaver RRP £6.99

In 1961 Pam Weaver, aged only 16, enrolled as a trainee nursery nurse in a local children’s home.

With early starts, gruelling days and impossible to please matrons, the life of a nursery nurse was far from easy.

But the lives of the children were harder still: abandoned by families stricken with poverty, cruelly neglected, born with disabilities so severe that normal life would be a constant struggle.

The children suffered heartbreak, pain and rejection, but the staff of the children’s home formed a caring family in times of hardship.

As Pam says of her time there: “I was there to learn about the care of children but I also learned about loyalty, camaraderie, compassion and friendship.

“Lessons which would hold me in good stead for the rest of my life.”