Book of the week: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida RRP £12.99

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What is it like to have autism?

How can we know what a person – especially a child – with autism is thinking and feeling, so that we can help them?

Severely autistic, Naoki learnt to communicate via pointing to letters on a ‘cardboard keyboard’ – and what he has to say gives an exceptional insight into an autisticallywired mind.

Proving beyond doubt that people with autism do not lack imagination, humour or empathy, Noaki makes a heartfelt plea for our patience and compassion.

For David Mitchell, The Reason I Jump provided an invaluable insight into his own son’s mind.

He and KA Yoshida have translated the book in the hope that it will benefit others in the same way, and dispel some of the widely held myths about autism.