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Bookmark in Spalding has chosen Those Were The Days by Terry Wogan as its book of the week.

Terry Wogan has been a feature of the media landscape for so long now that it is almost impossible to imagine how it ever existed without him.

The biography on the inside cover of this book states that his “stellar career in TV and radio has spanned 40 years”. Given that it is now 2015 and Wogan has been working non-stop in the field since at least the mid-1960s, this seems like something of an understatement.

Is this funny, slight novella, almost more a collection of short stories really “the best of the best” as actress Joanna Lumley claims on the cover? Not really. Would this book have been published were Wogan not already a household name? I doubt it.

But I’m glad it has been for this is as Lumley also notes a “funny, touching and charming” book which centres on the reflections of an ageing Irish bank manager (yes, really). Given that Wogan himself worked in the Bank of Ireland early in his career, one wonders if he is musing on the alternative life he might have had.

The book retails for £12.99 but there is a 20 per cent discount voucher to be used at Bookmark in the Spalding Guardian of October 15.