Edge of Tomorrow ANL-140810-091122001
Edge of Tomorrow ANL-140810-091122001

Cleverly conceived sci-fi action thriller

Tom Cruise proves he’s still got a screen presence in this cleverly-conceived sci-fi action-thriller.

He stars as pencil-pushing Major Cage – a PR man who has never seen a day of combat – who gets dropped into what amounts to a ‘suicide’ mission against an unrelenting alien assault.

But after killing one of the master versions of these (quite impressively created) creatures, he finds himself in a time-loop forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over again.

With the help of an elite Special Forces agent (Emily Blunt), Cage keeps coming back for more in an attempt to destroy them – within a refreshingly ingenious Groundhog Day-style scenario.

The third act does become a little predictable, but coupled with a clever and witty script – this proves to be genuinely compelling stuff.

Rating: 4/5