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IMMIGRANTS convicted of criminal and public order offences could be kicked out of the country as part of a zero tolerance approach to crime in Spalding.

People from non-UK countries responsible for drunken and violent behaviour in the town face being deported under plans discussed by South Holland District Council, Lincolnshire Police and John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings.

Mr Hayes is to meet with UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials in the next few weeks to discuss the plans which are a response to letters in the Free Press and Guardian from residents fed up with crime and anti-social behaviour in Spalding.

The deportation threat is the most significant development in our We’ve Had Enough campaign which more than 1,000 people have signed up to so far and Mr Hayes will inform UKBA of the public’s support for criminals to be thrown out of the country.

“I have asked my staff to fix a meeting with UKBA to once again consider the deportation of foreign criminals and I will happily work with the police to deal with any criminals who are persistently offending in Spalding,” Mr Hayes said.

“To that end, I’m very much working in accord with the strategy discussed at a joint meeting in Spalding two weeks ago with the police, local authority and others to deal with crime and disorder in the town.

“My meeting with UKBA is partially a response to the meeting, but it also reflects the correspondence I’ve had from constituents and letters published in your papers.

“We did try taking action on this last year and we’ll do so again.”

The joint meeting at the council offices discussed action taken so far to tackle anti-social behaviour and on-street drinking, including alcohol and vehicle seizures, notices to quit town and arrests for public order offences.

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