Bearing in mind the signs to keep eyes in gleaming shape

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School children in Spalding have recieved a lesson in caring for their eyes from a unique teacher.

Sidney the Teddy Bear has helped Molsom Optometrists, Spalding, check over 600 children’s eyes as part of their Healthy Eyes Campaign in the last 18 months.

An Optometris and sidney give interactive lessons to reception children on the importance of caring for eyes.

During the visit Sidney has his eyes tested the same as visiting your optision.

He tries on some funny looking glasses, observes an eye chart and marvels at optical illusions before playing games.

Andy Molsom said: “The children love it, and were really engaged asking some intriguing questions”.

He said having regular eye checks is important because there is no formal school screening set up in Lincolnshire.

Regular eye exams are crucial to children becuae they need their eyesight in top condition to be comfortable learning at school.

“It sounds odd, but often a child won’t know if they can’t see well,” said Andy.

“Most of what we learn is visual, if we cannot process that visual information correctly then we will naturally struggle to learn.”

He wants to reminded parents children’s check ups are free.