‘Baby was sleeping next door to gas leak’

Kaiden Smalley who was sleeping next to a boiler leaking gas
Kaiden Smalley who was sleeping next to a boiler leaking gas
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A Spalding single mum was horrified when she discovered her ten-month-old baby had been sleeping next door to a room with a gas leak.

Smoker Keleigh Smalley was left in the cold for 17 hours when gas contractors, Aaron, condemned the boiler and switched off the heating.

Keleigh said the last thing she wanted to do was ask the father of her son, Kaiden, to take him away from the home she had just lovingly decorated for Christmas.

She said: “It was either let him go somewhere warm or have him go to sleep without a bath in a cold bed.

“I can put sweaters on and move around, but he can’t. There was nothing else I could do.”

Concern there might be a gas leak was raised with the owners of the rental property in Fulney Avenue, L&H Homes, on Wednesday.

Keleigh said she had been smelling something “funny” in the house for some weeks.

She said: “My friend came round and said there was a strong smell of gas.

“I’d never smelled gas before, but I smoke so it was really dangerous.”

The first call to L&H Homes was at 4pm.

Keleigh said: “The gas board came out and condemned the boiler and switched all of the heating off within a few minutes.

“I was told L&H Homes would send someone out to fix the problem within eight hours and they would bring some electric heaters but no-one came.

“Both my mum and I kept ringing right up to midnight that day and from 9am the next morning.

“L&H Homes kept saying someone will be there in the hour but no-one came.

“Eventually an engineer came out and fixed it at 11am on Thursday.

“Apparently, there were some nuts loose in the boiler and that was causing the leak.”

Keleigh moved into the house in January and said there had been a catalogue of problems with heat and hot water.

She said: “I just don’t think this is very good service.”

Mike Hardy, managing director at L&H Homes, said: “The team at L&H Homes were very concerned to hear the heating repairs were not dealt with to the usual high standard.

“It is a serious matter which has been taken up with our gas contractors, Aaron.

“In the mean-time we are currently trying to speak to Miss Smalley to discuss compensating her for the inconvenience this has caused her.”